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New York Startup Alice Is The Concierge In The Palm Of Your Hand

AliceFrame New York Startup Alice Is The Concierge In The Palm Of Your HandWhen you have questions on your hotel stay the process of getting them answered can be painstaking. Starting with the phone in the hotel room, there’s often 10 or so direct connect buttons with none of them having the exact need you’re looking for. Do you call the bellman, the cabstand, or the valet? Where’s my luggage? Where’s the nearest Starbucks? What time does the pool close.

When you’re staying at an enormous hotel you often get routed through an operator who can do nothing more than connect you to someone else, and more often than not a voicemail or hold queue.

Well in this day and age you want self service in the room, and that Lodgenet TV just isn’t doing the trick.

That’s where New York startup Alice comes into play. called Alice “a guest facing mobile application helping connect guests to hotel services while simultaneously enabling the hotel to manage requests efficiently”.

Alice-screens New York Startup Alice Is The Concierge In The Palm Of Your HandThe mobile app allows the hotel guests to get answers themselves, something that smartphones have trained people to do.

Alice got her name because it’s an acronym for A Life Improving Customer Experience. The app is designed to help hotels of any size improve their bottom line by improving the customer experience.

“Guests love to work with it; because of how simple and enjoyable it is to request something you want and get right away. We are very proud that Floris Suite Hotel is the first property on the island that is featuring the ALICE application. We’re at a point in time where technology can actually achieve personalization on a much larger scale. This system is a great tool to enhance the service we provide to our guests.” A representative at Floris Suite Hotel said.

Alice is finding that she is welcome at other higher end hotels like The Carlyle Hotel in New York City, and  The Setai in Miami Beach.

They’ve raised $3.5 million dollars in a friends and family round and a seed round over the last two years. It appears that investment is paying off.

Alice could easily become the number one app in it’s category and quickly become an acquisition target by the ever expanding Expedia or Priceline.

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