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12 Year Old Announces 1 Million Donation On CNN

zollipops-top 12 Year Old Announces 1 Million  Donation On CNN12 Year Old Founder of Zollipops, Alina Morse, Announces Million Donation On CNN

Typically, when any company, entrepreneur or philanthropist makes a million donation or million dollar commitment to any cause,  you can expect a reasonable amount of media coverage. When it’s a 12 year old, it quickly becomes a much bigger story. For those of you following the entrepreneurial journey of Alina Morse, the 12 year old founder and CEO of Zollipops, this may not even come as a shock or a surprise.

When Morse was just a normal kid, at 7 years old,  she asked her dad a question and then went to work on the answer. That question “dad, why can’t we make a lollipop that’s good for your teeth”, sparked the creation of Zollipops and Zaffi Taffy, two all natural candies that are fun to eat and support oral care and healthy smiles.

How is it that a lollipop or taffy can be good for your teeth? Well here’s the deal, Zollipops, Zaffi Taffi and Zolli Drops contain  Xylitol, Erythritol, Stevia and other smile friendly natural ingredients. After eating, especially a sugary snack, your mouth creates an acidity that makes it easier for cavities and plaque to take hold of your teeth. That’s why dentists tell you not to brush immediately after a meal and wait until bed time. Those active ingredients in Zollipops, Zaffi Taffi and Zolli Drops all act as a counter-agent to that acidity and are good for your teeth.

That’s just the beginning for Morse in this story though.

Morse wanted to find a way to get her products into the hands of students and kids that may not otherwise have access to them. So she created the 250k smiles program where 250,000 pieces of product would be given away by schools and dentists offices. Well after inking a deal with WalMart that’s putting Zolli products in the oral care section of 4600 stores, Morse made the natural decision to expand that 250k program to 1 million smiles.

“It’s so rewarding to share the mission of Zollipops and our commitment to oral health education in schools,” said Morse. “To now be able to give 1 million Zollipops is going to be incredible. We are not only committed to doing our part to protect and promote healthy smiles, but we’re also happy to share our delicious creations with people and organizations who are committed to the same.”

Find Zollipops at Amazon, Walmart and a grocery store near you.