Jacksonville OneSpark 2015 Startups

One Spark Creator HeroMe Launches new Product

HeroMe was one of the coolest companies that we saw at One Spark way back in April. In a nutshell, HeroMe allows kids to design and build their very own super hero action figures. Not only do they pick out the various parts – head, legs, arms – that make up the figure itself, but they create their very own backstory for each hero. Until now, these custom heroes were only male figures. However, the Jacksonville company just took to Kickstarter to start production on a line of female super heroes.

HeroMe-Girl One Spark Creator HeroMe Launches new Product

The new product, dubbed HeroMe Girl, will follow nearly the same process as the original HeroMe figures:

To create their own superhero, children select a head and superpower arm and leg with choices ranging from helicopter, strong, bionic, lava and lightning-powered arms to tank, sledgehammer, cheetah, frog and bionic-powered legs. Each HeroMe Action Figure comes with a reusable rocket ship box and a HeroMe Handbook – an educational resource that helps children craft their superheroes’ stories while strengthening their own reading and writing skills. By fostering creativity and encouraging learning, HeroMe helps to strengthen children’s critical thinking, social and analytical skills.

HeroMe-Female-Heads One Spark Creator HeroMe Launches new Product

As noted above, we had a chance to check out HeroMe during One Spark earlier this year. In fact, they were so well received at the crowdfunding festival, that the launch of the HeroMe Girl Kickstarter campaign is a direct result. Josh Bryan, founder and CEO of HeroMe, made a statement about the influence the successful One Spark had on the company’s decision:

Creating female action figures has always been a part of the plan, but we knew this was new territory, and we had to get it right. We are proud of this new line. With the response and support we received at One Spark for this Kickstarter campaign, we look forward to introducing HeroMe Girl.