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OneClickSolar Is Where You Go To Get Started With Solar Energy

oneclicksolar-top OneClickSolar Is Where You Go To Get Started With Solar EnergyHomeowners Thinking About Switching To Solar Can Quickly Get Started At OneClick Solar

Solar energy is like the smart home. Millions of people want to switch to solar energy but don’t know where to start. They don’t know the right questions to ask and they don’t know exactly what they need. They just know they want it.

OneClickSolar, a startup based in Irvine California, is helping homeowners take the guess work out of going solar. With OneClickSolar homeowners can get step by step help with designing a custom solar power system that meets their needs. Then, they can pick from affordable solar packages, from vendors that have already been vetted, and at the best prices.  OneClickSolar even offers solar finance options.

“Users can get custom quotes in under 40 seconds for their home and energy usage, no signup required. Quotes include a full A-Z service and perspective buyers don’t need to worry about shady sales people or phone calls during dinner. We are the the first “truecar” of solar and are now servicing southern California and soon the entire state.” Michael Salvati, Vice President at OneClickSolar told in an interview.

At first glance there are quite a few sites that say they can help consumers get into solar, but when you look into them you find that they’re just lead generation sites, often leaving you waiting for a callback or email marketing. Using OneClickSolar homeowners have their questions answered and can get started right away.

As more and more millennials are becoming home owners, the company saw that traditional home visits and phone consultations from sales people weren’t effective. Millennials are used to doing things on their own and online. There’s a good chance they may have even purchased their home online, site unseen. That changes the entire experience.

OneClickSolar wanted to ensure that all homeowners could navigate their solar power system purchases on their own, at their leisure and from whatever device they happen to be using.

If you’re looking to move into solar power, check out 

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