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Trash Bagging Reinvented By Optimal Bagging [OneSpark Preview]

Oh my god this thing is incredible. That’s what I just yelled as we’re writing one of our last batches of OneSpark 2015 previews. Now don’t get me wrong, this is my 3rd year at OneSpark and I’ve seen some pretty incredible shit over the years, but never before have I watched a video about bagging trash so many times.

Optimal Bagging has been working on their patent for a new way to bag trash for five years. Now when you read that in their OneSpark description you start to think these guys are nuts. It’s not until you actually see it that you actually understand there is a better, faster and more efficient way to handle trash bagging and this team of 6 guys from Florida have figured it out.

Go ahead we know you want to watch the video again.

The Quick-Pack is a patented technology that allows people to quickly and more efficiently take out the trash. Imagine how valuable this would be in the kitchen of a high volume restaurant.

“We remove all the hassle from changing the trash. Our bags take seconds to change, are conveniently located on the side of the trash can, and are always ready for use. The way we fold our bag is so unique that we had to have a special machine designed to manufacture it! This fold allows you to replace the current bag without shaking out the new one or having to stuff it in the can.” the guys said on their OneSpark page. 

These guys are only looking for $13,000 and you can find them at North Florida Investors on South Laura Street or on the OneSpark web page here.