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Streeline’s Parker And More Great Apps Find Parking Spots & More

Parker2 Streeline's Parker And More Great Apps Find Parking Spots & MoreAs cars get smarter and smarter so do parking lots.

Three years ago a startup called Streelines introduced Parker took the world by storm by abandoning old outdated and hard to install wire sensor technology for less invasive technology like the sensors Parker uses that are about the size of golf holes. Parker was a bit ahead of it’s time but in 2015 technology and startups are leveling out.ParkerSensor Streeline's Parker And More Great Apps Find Parking Spots & More

Now nearly a year into their Series D round Streetline continues to innovate in the parking world, where they aren’t just building parking apps but helping people, employers and even city planners with crucial parking data. How many cars are parking in how many lots, what times, etc. This data can help plan events, construction projects and even when to charge more money.

On the front end Streetline’s technology not only allows users to find a parking lot but a parking spot as well. Suppose you don’t want to park on an interior spot you would rather have a corner or a little room, Parker can show you what lots have what specific spots available.

Streetline which started in 2005, has now assisted in over 350 million parking events worldwide. The company pretty much dominates the parking world and holds many of the sensor based patents involving parking technology and apps.

Streetlines also collaborates with other parking apps and allows apps like Parkopedia access to their data. Parkopedia sources data for Audi, BMW and several other higher end car companies with app assisted dashboards and services.

Parking has become a hot vertical in the app space. In addition to Parker there are several other apps that will let you quickly and easily find parking.

iSpotSwap allows users to help each other by tagging a spot and letting other users know when they plan to be done with the spot or when they are about to pull out. Now other users can swoop in and get the spot.

Parking Mate is a national app that helps you find places to park and keeps a log of places that you have parked that makes it easy to find your car on a busy day. It also has a meter alert function that will warn you when your meter is about to run out.

Parking Panda is an online parking optimization platform and inventory system. Think Orbitz or Priceline for parking spots. The app allows users to search for, compare, and book parking spots in lots, garages, and valet spots across the U.S. The platform is unique in that it allows users to search for parking based on points of interest and events. The company also just launched a new hardware platform to help streamline the parking process.

Tired of the parking headache, use these apps and more to get rid of the headache and enjoy your day.

(23 April 2015) Correction: An earlier version of this article mischaracterized Parking Panda’s services.

  • techwoo

    Neat article, Tom. It’s interesting to see how the concept of revolutionizing parking has grown within the past couple of years. You did not mention my favorite parking application, though, which has been around for a few years as well and more recently launched in San Francisco. SpotHero is one of my favorite discounted parking applications out there right now, they’ve saved me from paying insane prices more than a few times when parking in FiDi.