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PatentDive Makes Patenting Easier For Startups

Collision Preview: New Orleans Startup PatentDive Makes Patenting Easier For Startups

PatentDive-top PatentDive Makes Patenting Easier For Startups

Dr. Eric Leininger is a USPTO registered patent agent who has been through the hoops and hurdles of the US Patent process for years. The patenting process is tough to understand, even for patent attorneys. Even PhDs like Leininger have had trouble navigating the process.

For many, their first patent requires reams of paper work, and constant back and forth requests, by mail nonetheless, from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This makes the process tedious and time consuming. That time, for many entrepreneurs, could be better spent on product development and getting their products to market.

While helping startups and entrepreneurs prepare patent applications, Leininger realized that not only was the process difficult, but it was also difficult for entrepreneurs and startup founders to effectively communicate about their invention. That’s why he developed PatentDive.

PatentDive is a software that helps facilitate better communication, which speeds up and helps alleviate the pain of the patent preparation process.

PatentDive starts with an easy to understand assessment of what kind of patent an entrepreneur may need. Their are two categories, Appearance and Functionality.  The platform explains that appearance dictates a design patent to protect the appearance and shape. If it’s functionality the startup is looking to protect, PatentDive points you towards a utility patent.

From there, PatentDive takes the user to a patent application engine. The Patent Application Builder, guides entrepreneurs and startup founders through each step of the design patent application process. The application builder gives instructions and answers questions along the way. The company suggests that most design patents can be done in under an hour.

They also offer a knowledge base patent education platform that answers questions thoroughly and in terms that most people can understand.

Through the process of developing PatentDive Leininger has become a go-to patent guy in the New Orleans startup scene. PatentDive was featured during New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week earlier this year. Now, they’re a featured startup at Collision 17 which starts Tuesday May 2nd.

There are still a handful of tickets left for Collision here. You can try PatentDive out here.