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Peeptrade: Portfolio info from the most successful traders

If you have any experience in the stock market, you know that it can be a daunting task to keep up with all of the latest info and company news. Essentially, to be a successful trader, you have to commit to it full-time. Well, we had a chance to speak with a startup at SxSW that is looking to change how people research stocks, and give the casual trader a leg up: Peeptrade. Before diving into Peeptrade, here is a quick video from the company about what they do and how they help traders:

So essentially, Peeptrade allows you to see how successful and experienced traders are investing their own money. Of course, these investors – or Gurus on Peeptrade – are not just giving away their portfolio information, there is a small fee.

Peeptrade is a multi-asset, social trading network where you can “peep” into what the best traders are doing with their own money in real time. They share their portfolios, new trades, exclusive opinions and you take your trading skills to the next level!1

Once you make the choice to Peep on a Guru, you are provided with a whole host of information. Before the peep, you can see:

  • Total # of trades
  • # of winning trades
  • Average trades per week
  • Profit per winning trade
  • Loss per losing trade
  • Best trade
  • Worst trade
  • Reviews
  • Asset allocation

Once you peep, you are provided with the Guru’s posts, the full transaction history, and a detailed breakdown of the Guru’s portfolio.

We had a chance to speak with the founders of Peeptrade during SxSW, and learned a bit more about why they created the company, and how it works. Check out our interview below: