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Pickle – Like Snapchat, but with games


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What is Pickle?

Pickle combines the authentic, goofy photo-sharing experience of Snapchat with the proven social gaming model of Words with Friends and Trivia Crack.

How it works:

Users challenge friends (or strangers!) to 1v1 selfie and photo challenges. They draw a challenge from a themed deck, and both opponents submit their best photo.

Other users vote for the winner, and the photo with the most votes in 24 hours wins.

Winners earn coins, unlock new content, level up, and gain followers.

In the future, Pickle will help brands run better photo contests.

Pickle-Image Pickle - Like Snapchat, but with games

Who is your target user?

Pickle users are ages 15-28 and are frequent users of other social gaming platforms like Words with Friends and Trivia Crack. They also enjoy taking photos of themselves and are frequenters of sites like

Why did you build Pickle?

We noticed that while social gaming apps have enjoyed much success in recent years, they all have been based around static games like adaptations of Scrabble, Pictionary, or trivia games. With Pickle, we’re aiming to build on the viral success of this app model while also adding in the extra component of photo-sharing. We believe a successful combination of these models can create a unique user experience that’s both enjoyable and sticky.

How is Pickle different from what is currently available?

While other apps and products exist that host photo contests, Pickle is the first to employ a 1v1 model, rather than a crowdsourcing model, making the contests more fun and personal. Secondly, Pickle’s addicting voting system keeps users voting on an average of 80 photos per session.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

We were struggling to create a picture-based voting app. We had realized that our voting system was quite addicting, but users were voting so quicklywe kept running out of photos for them to vote on. We realized that by prompting people to take themed selfies they would take many photos at once, and that these photos were also some of the most entertaining to vote on. We posted about the idea to, and the post went viral within hours.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Morgan Steffy (CTO) and co-founder Evan Katz (CEO) met in the Galapagos Islands while studying abroad in Ecuador. They began working on a mobile app (then intended to help decide what to wear), and months later were accepted into a Memphis, TN-based tech accelerator program.

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