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Prevent Biometrics To Show Off Smart Mouth Guard At CES [CES 2017]

Minneapolis Startup To Show Off Concussion Technology at CES 2017


Prevent-Biometrics Prevent Biometrics To Show Off Smart Mouth Guard At CES [CES 2017]

photo: Prevent Biometrics

Prevent Biometrics, a Minneapolis startup, is set to show off their smart mouth guard at CES 2017 in just a few weeks in Las Vegas. You’ll be able to check out the smart mouth guard at Eureka Park, CES’ startup hub featuring over 600 innovative startups from over 30 countries this year.

What makes a mouth guard smart you ask? Well of course “smart” means it’s part of the Internet of Things (ioT) and that somehow or someway it syncs to an app. The smart mouth guard connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone running Prevent Biometrics’ app.

What’s it for?

The smart mouth guard is a new technology for detecting concussions. There are over 3.8 million concussions per year. Many of them go unreported. Concussions came to the forefront of everyone’s mind (no pun intended) after the Wil Smith Blockbuster called Concussion, was released in 2015. The movie took a brave look at concussions in the NFL.

Prevent Biometrics smart mouth guard is able to inform players and coaches of head trauma received during games and practices. The monitoring is done in real time and is based on information recorded such as direction force and location impact. When the impact exceeds the predetermined threshold a light on the monitor turns red and trainers, coaches and caregivers can immediately remove that player from the game.

“What makes this product so exciting is that there really isn’t a product available that can measure these impacts so accurately and in real time,” co-founder and CEO Steve Washburn told Digital Trends. “In fact, the product has a plus or minus five percent margin of error, which [makes it] the only product to meet the NFL’s validation standard for head impacts.”

Prevent Biometrics has been working on the smart mouth guard over the last six years. They were awarded a $4.5 million dollar grant from the US Department of Defense.

They will be showing off the smart mouth guard at CES’ Eureka Park January 5-8th in Las Vegas. Later in 2017 they plan to roll out the smart mouth guard to the first six test markets and they hope for a national roll out in 2018.