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Get The Most Out Of Prom With NJ Startup PromSocial

promsocial-top Get The Most Out Of Prom With NJ Startup PromSocialPromSocial Will Help Students Get The Most Out Of Prom

For many high school students across the country prom season is just a few short weeks away. Here at nibletz we’ve been very impressed with an edtech startup called MySchoolDance which helps make school dances easier for faculty advisors and dance committees. Now, a New Jersey startup is helping students make the most out of their prom experience.

Prom is a lot different today than it was, just a decade ago. Students are doing more and more of their own prom planning.  There’s also this new thing that’s become really popular over the last five years, the Promposal. Not to mention the fact that everything from start to finish needs to be memorialized and shareable. That’s just the way things are in 2018.

Leave it to two guys in the financial services industry, Michael Hudak and Ed Abdel-Malak, to come up with the first of it’s kind app, designed to help students plan and be social with everything surrounding prom.

With their startup, PromSocial, Hudak and Abdel-Malak have thought of everything and started right in the beginning, finding a date. PromSocial makes it easy, even for the shy kids, to lightly express interest in a possible date or ask them directly. If a promposal is more your style, PromSocial makes it easy to customize a video and send it to your dream date.

PromSocial also makes it easy for groups of friends to share in the planning of all of the micro-events surrounding prom. That includes finding and splitting a limo rental, pre-dinner plans, post party plans and fashion coordinating.

“We centralize the prom process in our app for high school teens to plan organize and share their prom experience. We solve a huge problem in the prom industry where kids have to go all over the place to put the pieces of prom together. Not anymore thanks to PromSocial!” Hudak told in an interview.

With PromSocial every thing is being documented every step of the way so at the end of Prom users have their own prom book that they can look back at for many years to come.

PromSocial is available now and ready for the 2018 prom season. You can get it for Android here and Apple here.  You can also find out more at