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Pronto Makes Booking Group Transportation As Easy As Booking Ride Shares

pronto-fundable-top Pronto Makes Booking Group Transportation As Easy As Booking Ride SharesPronto Makes Booking Group Transportation As Easy As Taking A Lyft Or Getting An Uber

Soon, many of us are going to forget what it was like to hail a cab or have to find a number to a local cab company, call and wait. This is all because of Uber, Lyft and their regional small competitors found nationwide. When you and up to four buddies want to go bar hopping, or you’ve had to much to drink, you just hit that button on your phone and the car is on the way. Uber and Lyft also make it super easy to get from the airport to the hotel. Forget booking one of those blue shuttles, de-plane, pickup your luggage and you’re off to the races.

Unfortunately, booking group transportation is still a pain in the ass. You still need to look up phone numbers and chances are if you’re trying to do something on the fly or after hours you’re going to have to leave voicemail messages and wait.

What about those days at the office and there’s something to celebrate with an impromptu outing for the whole gang? What about that rehearsal dinner, the old folks have thinned out and now it’s time to party. You could try and summon a handful of Ubers or Lyfts or you could use Pronto.

Pronto is your go to travel service for all of your ground transportation needs. From single rides to big groups everything can be handled through Pronto’s web based, cloud service with access to small cars, big cars, limousines, vans, busses and just about anything else that drives on the road.

Pronto is perfect when you’re pre-planning big group trips or when you’re planning on the fly group trips. It’s also a one stop shop if you’re organizing the travel for several people from your company, that all need to go in different directions, like at a conference or an off-site retreat.

Pronto solves group transportation problems for travelers and transportation companies. According to Pronto there are over 3800 bus companies and 12,000 limo companies and many of them have down time. Pronto allows those companies to book even more travel and optimize their down time.

Pronto’s cloud based reservation platform connects group planners and passengers to Pronto and all of their transportation partners and affiliates ensuring more people can get to more places, Pronto

The company just hit $1.25M in revenue after a successful launch in the Bay Area. Now, they’re expanding across the country and they’re raising funds via fundable. You can ask for access to their private fundraise here and find out more about the company at