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Quickleaser Is Making The Renting Process A Lot Easier [sxsw]

Austin Startup Quickleaser Makes Leasing, Subleasing and Roommates Easier

Baba Qazi is an intense entrepreneur, even for a millennial. As we perused the halls of the South By Southwest trade show, every single time we were within earshot of the Quickleaser booth, the real estate agent turned startup founder was hammering his message to anyone and everyone who would listen. Definitely a good trait.

Qazi’s startup, Quickleaser, is now in it’s second year. The company turned on their leasing, subleasing and roommate matching platform 18 months ago after working in a frenzy the previous six months to get it up and running. Once the kinks were worked out they wanted to offer a platform that let the user take control of their own leasing needs. They wanted to offer a platform that was simpler, yet more robust and safer. By all standards they have delivered.

Quickleaser allows people and companies with places to lease, rent and sublease, to connect with people looking for the same.

QuickLeaser-1 Quickleaser Is Making The Renting Process A Lot Easier [sxsw]

Baba Qazi founder of Quickleaser at SXSW 2017

Most people are turning to Craigslist, Facebook groups and the one to five rental units listed on Zillow per month. Craigslist is riddled with fake ads and crazy people. Facebook groups lead into bickering wars and Zillow, well they usually only have a handful of rentals per month.

The other big benefit to Quickleaser is the subleasing portion. In a town like Austin, with two major universities within a few miles, sees a lot of subleasing. Students need to break their leases to go home for the summer, or for studying abroad. They fall in love and move in with boyfriends or girlfriends or they drop out. A lot of apartment complexes in college towns actually make subleasing rather easy. What they can’t do is find the new tenant. Quickleaser’s subleasing platform is just as fluid as their normal leasing.

Finally, they’re the only platform that offers a roommate matching service, commercially. They developed the roommate matching algorithms in house and they’ve made it safer. The roommate matching service asks a handful of questions that help match potential roommates to one another. They also use Facebook’s api to verify identity. With that, a government ID is required, which makes the platform safer. Privacy is also a must, once you’re verified to be who you are and not the next serial killer from Criminal Minds, your information is private.

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