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Quit Wasting Time, Managing Your Time, With TimeCamp

California Startup TimeCamp Keeps Track Of Your Time So You Don’t Have To

TimeCamp-top Quit Wasting Time, Managing Your Time, With TimeCamp

If you’re a freelancer and want to manage your time more efficiently, TimeCamp may be just the startup you’re looking for.  For freelancers and independent workers TimeCamp can help you with billable hours, invoicing, time management and attendance.

Their feature packed web platform is extremely easy to use. You’ll get one click visual time tracking. Now you can see what you and others that work remotely for you are doing and when they’re doing it. The visual time tracking also includes calendar integration for all of the popular calendar apps. TimeCamp integrates with popular platforms like; Trello, Podio, Basecamp, Asana, Calendar, Xero, Insightly, Wunderlist and Zapier.

TimeCamp2 Quit Wasting Time, Managing Your Time, With TimeCamp

One of the hardest things for freelancers to do is keep track of billable hours. At the end of the month if you forgot five billable hours your time and the money that goes along with that time are permanently lost. TimeCamp will help you keep track of all of those important billable hours. If you’re looking to quote and then invoice development time, TimeCamp can manage that as well.

‘TimeCamp creates time tracking & invoicing software that helps to increase your team’s productivity. It records every minute of the task your team is working on, shows results in clear reports and allows you to square up with clients accurately. We believe that time tracking is the straightest way to improve every business!”  the startup told us in an interview.

TimeCamp features:

  • Not lose time spent on billable hours that are eventually not billed?
  • Know how much development time (and therefore the cost)?
  • Want to be able to accurately bill your clients?
  • Know how many hours you spend on non-billable projects or other work?
  • Measure project profitability?
  • Track actual project hours to detect project overrun and under run and analyze your estimation accuracy and your efficiency?
  • Forecast time and costs for future development projects?
  • Justify time to your client, and adjust your rates for specific projects?

“We wanted to help people stay productive all the time and better understand how their time is being spent.” the company said.

Kamil Rudnicki, a career entrepreneur, created TimeCamp. He is fascinated with the usable psychology of self improvement. TimeCamp helps people with that.

Check out TimeCamp here. 


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