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Remedy: straightforward urgent care on-demand

There are countless services and goods that you can get on an on-demand basis: you can get a ride, you can get a massage, you can get your clothes washed, you can order a truck for a heavy shipment, you can get your car fueled up, you can even get a marijuana delivery or hire a private investigator. Well, you can now add a whole new service to that list: urgent care. Austin-based Remedy Urgent Care has brought the healthcare field into the on-demand space.

Remedy-Urgent-Care Remedy: straightforward urgent care on-demand

Right now, Remedy is only available in Austin, but as its rapid growth suggests, it may soon be available in many different markets. In a nutshell, Remedy provides their customers with quick, affordable, and thorough healthcare at their home:

It is really simple, actually. We can explain it in one sentence.
We bring urgent care to your door.
No one wants to spend hours in a germ-filled waiting room or take the time to drive there, especially when you are sick. So, we created Remedy, a simple new model for healthcare. Good news Austin! The care you want has arrived.1

The main idea behind Remedy is that the modern ER practices are not very cost-effective and not very efficient. Jay Mong, a UT student and medical assistant at Remedy, explained these practices to The Daily Texan:

I’ve had a lot of experience in urgent care, and I just realized how much waste there is. In the ER, the doctor covers all the bases…The doctor may think the patient has strep, but the doctor will order a lot more tests for liability reasons, which ends up wasting the hospital’s resources and patients have to pay more in the end.2

Remedy-Mini Remedy: straightforward urgent care on-demand

On top of that, the billing and insurance practices are often very convoluted, with the patients never really having a real idea of what they will be required to pay. This is another area that Remedy is changing. The on-demand urgent care company has adopted a straightforward, flat-rate payment system. To begin, you pay a flat rate of $49 to have a Remedy doctor sent out. From there, patients pay their urgent care co-pay or an evaluation fee of $99. There may be a few other small fees for more complex procedures like stitches.

Remedy is adding a much needed alternative to the ER or other urgent care facilities. The simplicity and straightforward nature of the company makes it a great service for college students and millennials as a whole. For more info, check out the video below or head over to

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