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Get That Spring Project Done With Remodelmate

DC Startup Remodelmate Makes Remodeling As Easy As Amazon

Remodelmate-1 Get That Spring Project Done With Remodelmate

Spring time is here and that means millions of Americans are ready to embark on their home improvement and remodeling projects. Only about half of them will actually get done though. The reason for that? Hiring contractors is a pain in the ass. DC area startup, Remodelmate has the solution.

Remodelmate doesn’t have the same old story as everyone else. Founder and CEO Chad Hall admits he didn’t just have the great idea. It came to him when he was helping out a buddy.

The story goes that Hall’s buddy was going to be in deep shit with his wife, if he didn’t get the siding re-done on his house by the time family arrived for Thanksgiving. Prior to moving into the tech space Hall had worked with Long Power and Fence, so naturally he got the call. In fact that same buddy is probably calling him to fix the computers.

Remodelmate-GaryV Get That Spring Project Done With Remodelmate

Remodelmate co-founders: Victor Etongwe and Chad Hall with Gary V at SXSW 2017 (image: Facebook)

Hall couldn’t do the work himself and both men decided that neither Angie’s List nor HomeAdvisor were sufficient to get what they needed. Hall’s buddy wanted someone to make the contracting portion easy, find a contractor that’s going to do a good job and I’ll cut a check, that was the sentiment. Easy enough, Hall pocketed $100 from his buddy, found a great contractor and the buddy got out of the dog house.

That’s when Hall had the a-ha moment. Homeowners don’t like talking to contractors and contractors don’t like talking to homeowners. The whole process is time consuming and tedious. Remodelmate was born.

Hall and his team have simplified the process into three steps.

  • Fill out a project profile
  • Request a project measurement
  • Schedule installation

“Once a match is made, RemodelMate guides homeowners and contractors through the home improvement process every step of the way – from scheduling to final payment.” the company says.

There are a lot of benefits to both the home owner and the contractor when using Remodelmate.

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Vetted Pros
  • Quickest time to build
  • Dedicated support
  • secure platform

Remodelmate is free to use for the homeowner. The company takes a small percentage of the total price of the job.

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