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Ribl: Silly Looking Frog, Cool Startup

IMG_0088-1-768x1024 Ribl: Silly Looking Frog, Cool StartupOne evening Mike Chan and his wife were coming out of their Washington DC area condominium. Unfortunately they couldn’t get very far, there were some people getting arrested by the police. The Chan’s couldn’t go anywhere for quite sometime.

Mike noticed that there was a woman across the street taking pictures and what looked like video as well. After the whole ordeal was over Chan began searching the Internet, social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Vine to try and find what had happened that evening outside of his building, but to no avail.

That was the inspiration to Ribl.

Ribl, like ripple but with a “b” and a hybrid play on “ribbit” , as an app that works like a localized message board that a user can create about anything.

Users can make Ribls about events, news items, yard sales, really anything that they want. Then once it’s posted to Ribl anyone can see it within a mile of where it’s posted. Other Ribl users in the immediate area can vote Ribls up. Once a Ribl gets enough up votes the area its shared is opened up even more. The most popular Ribls can go global,

This of course brings a vitality into a proximity based local messaging app to a degree like a mashup of Yik Yak, a localized Reddit and a social network.

The DC based startup debuted at sxsw in Austin on Friday with an Android app. They are vigilantly working on an iOS app as well.

You can find Ribl in the Google Play Store


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