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Is Your School District Worried About ESSA, Allovue Can Help

Baltimore EdTech Startup Allovue Has Your ESSA Concerns Covered

Allovue-ESSA-top Is Your School District Worried About ESSA, Allovue Can Help

Allovue is a Baltimore based edtech startup. The company provides financial software specifically designed to help educators allocate resources to best support the needs of students. They also help districts offer a new level of financial transparency. The company believes that when a school or school district can be more transparent with the community it serves, together, they get more accomplished. That was a foundation built into their business model prior to the new ESSA compliance requirements.

ESSA, a distant cousin to “no child left behind” is a new set of regulations for schools under what’s called the Every Student Succeeds Act.

In response, yesterday, Allovue publicly launched a new service called “ESSA Ready”.

ESSA Ready is a website to suppoer K-12 school leaders as they prepare their financial reports for compliance under the new regulations. Under ESSA, school districts must now demonstrate greater transparency with their financial data, including showing per-pupil expenditures by school based on actual expenses.

“The new financial regulations in ESSA have created uncertainty for many K-12 administrators,” said Jess Gartner, the CEO and founder of Allovue. “Allovue works with school and district leaders to alleviate their concerns around additional financial transparency and to reduce the administrative burden of producing per-pupil expenditure data. We’re eager to share our knowledge and shine a light on the changes and challenges to come.”

Chris Rinkus, formerly a senior official with the District of Columbia Public Schools, now serves as Allovue’s point person on ESSA. “School districts have an opportunity to educate parents and the community about how resources are being used,” said Rinkus. “The districts that embrace this opportunity will discover that when the public is better informed about effective school spending, it is more likely to be supportive of the district’s vision.”

ESSA Ready features both original content penned by Allovue’s team and links to useful resources. The new site will help K-12 administrators  understand the new financial requirements and direct them to resources that help them alter existing or develop new practices to meet these requirements.

“This is a whole new world for many school districts in terms of their financial data,” said Gartner. “ESSA will require supplying the public with a clear view of school-level equity like never before. It’s important than ever to have the right information and the right partnerships in place. ”

The ESSA Ready site is packed with everything educators and administrators need to know, to be compliant.

  • Use of actual teacher salaries in determining per pupil expenditures
  • Apportion spending individual schools
  • Publish district resource allocation formula
  • Post school spending report card on district website

Allovue has also posted a number of key information resources for school districts that thoroughly explain all of the aspects of the ESSA requirements.

Check ESSA ready out here.