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Season Share Brings The Shared Economy To Sports Ticketing

Los Angeles Startup Makes It Easier For Fans To Enjoy The Games They Want To See

There are 3.2 million season ticket holders in the US for all of the professional sports combined. Even the biggest sports fans find themselves turning to second hand ticket markets, friends, families and even Craigslist to sell the tickets for the games they can’t attend.

In some cases fans and their friends want to split a season ticket package but there’s no fair way to split. Teams typically only sell their season tickets in a set amount of game packages. This leaves a lot of fans, again, turning to second hand ticket markets to build their own season packages, at a premium of course.

SeasonShare-top Season Share Brings The Shared Economy To Sports Ticketing

Jonathan Rappaport and Robert Beadle knew their had to be a better way. With the shared economy coming to every industry imaginable, it was only time before someone mastered it for sports ticketing. Season Share is that company.

Features include:

  • Risk free ticket purchasing. Fans don’t have to worry about losing money reselling tickets or missing games.
  • Splitting season tickets. The first app that allows people to split season tickets
  • Ticket Retainment. If you have to miss a game Season Share can offload those unwanted games
  • Tickets are stored on your phone, all season, right where you need them.
  • Security. All purchases are handled through industry leaders; Venmo and Paypal. All tickets are verified and guaranteed to be authentic.
  • Ticket Draft. Season Share makes it fun with a draft

Check out the video interview with Season Share from South By Southwest. The company competed in the South By Southwest Accelerator finals in the sports category.  You can sign up to stay up to date with Season Share, here at seasnshare.co