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See What This New York Startup Is Delivering On Bikes

Would you, could you on a bike? We’re not talking a Dr. Seuss book here, we’re posing a really good question. Could it possibly be true that a New York startup is delivering mattresses in a box, on a bike?

The New York Daily News is reporting that new startup, Casper, is squishing mattresses into boxes with all their might and then using a work force of strong bicycle riders to deliver the goods on the packed street of America’s biggest city. Casper uses a two ton compressor to squeeze the mattresses into three and a half foot tall boxes. If the mattress is purchased by someone outside of New York City the mattress is then shipped normally. However, in New York City they are loaded onto bikes, like the one pictured above.

Casper2 See What This New York Startup Is Delivering On BikesCasper started over a year ago in April 2014. Since then they’ve been able to attract A-List investors like Ashton Kutcher and A-List customers like Kendall Jenner. New York customers can test out the Casper mattress, at their NoHo show room. The company plans to open new stores in Washington DC, San Francisco and Austin Texas.

The mattresses retail for $500 and the company has reportedly raked in $20 million dollars in sales so far.

Of course once delivered the mattress folds out flat and re-forms the way you wold expect a mattress to look. They insist that the mattresses are 100% tested on humans and customers have a 100 night satisfaction guarantee. You can check them out for yourself here at