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Six Things Startup Owners Should Consider About Co-Working Space

coworking-piece-top Six Things Startup Owners Should Consider About Co-Working Space


One of the best opportunities for startups in recent years has been shared office space, otherwise known as co-working space. Renting your own office space is no doubt going to be expensive for your company, but there are many other options out there these days including splitting the cost among several other ventures at once.

If you rent co-working spance, you’ll enjoy both lower office rental prices and many networking opportunities. You should explore the possibilities to see if there is an opportunity for your company to rent shared workspace in your area.

The following are five things you’ll want to consider before deciding to rent from a particular co-working facility:

Location and proximity to areas of interest

The closer your rented workplace is to areas where you need to go on a daily basis, the more productive your workday will be. You should look for a spot that’s conveniently located to your home. You should also look for a spot that’s conveniently located to any clients or other worksites where you’ll need to visit throughout the day.


Atmosphere and layout

An often overlooked aspect of co-working space is how the atmosphere and layout will impact or otherwise influence employees. They will be spending a large portion of their waking hours here, so it’s imperative the space is welcoming as well as motivational. Consider, for instance, the almost shrine-like aura of the extra-large Dibond sign printing located in the front lobby or break room. Whether it’s the shared office logo, its name, a combination of the two or something else entirely, workers will be walking by it several times a day. Does the design inspire confidence and creativity, or cast a pall over the workplace? What may seem like a relatively minor cosmetic issue when comparing multiple co-working spaces can, in fact, prove to be a major driver of employee productivity – or lack thereof.

Pricing and how it fits into your budget

One of the biggest advantages of renting shared office space is that it is highly affordable compared to renting an office independently for your company. This is an important ingredient for cash-strapped startups trying to get their foot in the door. However, you need to compare the prices of various co-workspaces and make sure that the place you’re considering renting offers a lot of value. Shop around for different possibilities to find the best option for your unique company or business venture.

Amenities that are included

Different co-workplaces offer different amenities. Most offer free coffee along with the workspace as well as seating and access to a printer. Every workplace should offer reliable internet service that is fast.

There are always certain add-on amenities you can get if you choose. Some of these add-ons might include a dedicated phone call area with booths or small rooms for taking private calls. Other amenities or offerings could include a designated workspace as opposed to floating desk space or the use of a fax machine.

It’s important to look out for enough outlets so that you can plug all of your equipment in. It’s also important to make sure that any office space you use offers a conference room so that you can have a meeting with clients in a professional environment.


Some folks don’t always want to work during regular business hours. If you and anyone you work with tend to work outside of business hours, you need to make sure the workplace facility you’re considering renting space from will allow you to access the workspace when you’ll be ready to work.

A lot of co-working space facilities will provide renters with a key and allow for around-the-clock access. If you tend to work outside of business hours, you should probably make sure that you’re given a key to the facility as part of the agreement so that a limited schedule doesn’t cut back on your productivity.


Workplace community and other types of business using the workspace

One of the biggest reasons why small companies use shared co-working workspace is so that they can network and make contacts with other professionals and companies. You should evaluate the networking opportunities you’re going to have at any facility you’re considering. Ideally, you should look for facilities that have frequent events scheduled that show a strong community and many networking opportunities.

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