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Smart Ways to Monetize Your Website

One of the fastest ways for a start-up entrepreneur to generate income is by monetizing a website. Monetizing a website means earning income from people who view and use your site. If you make smart decisions, you may grow sales much faster through a website than by knocking on doors to sell a product.

Here are some great ways to monetize a website:

Understanding Google search

Google is the number one search engine on the web. If someone enters a keyword or phrase, Google provides a list of search results. The goal of a marketer is to increase the search ranking for a particular company name, product or service.

In recent years, Google has changed the parameters for search rankings. Google now ranks quality content very highly. Adding lots of keywords to your website is not enough. Your site must have content that engages your target market.

A marketing process

To monetize your site, you need a plan to generate traffic. Consider this process for generating traffic:

·  Write and post blogs, articles and other information that is helpful to your audience. Your content should educate your audience, or help solve a problem.

·  Quality content will help your site move up in Google search rankings. As your site moves up the rankings, you should get more visits to the site.

·  Opt-in: When people visit your site, offer something of value for free, in exchange for that visitor’s email address. Individuals can opt-in by clicking on a pop-up window when they visit your site.

·  Adding more value: Once someone opts-in, you can email them more content that educates the reader or solves a problem. This process helps you build a relationship with your audience.

Monetizing your site

Once you implement a marketing process to drive traffic to your site, you can monetize your website. Here are some popular monetization strategies:

1.  Ad sales: Placing ads on your website seems obvious, but how you do it can make a huge difference in your results. For example, CAPTCHA advertising helps you ensure that actual people are clicking on your ads, not computer programs. CAPTCHA ensures that advertisers on your site are getting accurate information about people who are interested in their product.

2.  Amazon Affiliate Program: The Amazon Affiliate Program provides tools for you to earn commission on Amazon product sales. If a person clicks on the ad and buys the product, you earn a fee.

3.  Ebook sales: If visitors to your site enjoy your content, they may be interested in an ebook. Smashwords is one of several sites that provide authors a vehicle to publish ebooks inexpensively.

4.  Continuing programs: A continuity program is a system to generate recurring income from subscribers. If you continue to produce some content that is free, a reader might be willing to pay a small monthly fee to get even more of what you offer.

5.  Consulting, speaking engagements: The expertise you demonstrate through your website can help you get consulting work. You can also market yourself as a speaker, or as a commentator on TV, radio or a podcast.

Monetizing your website can be a great way to generate income for your new business. Consider using these steps to maximize the potential earnings from your website.

  • Donna

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