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If You’re Looking For A Smart Home Control For Anything and Everything Look To Beak


Beak From ControlAny Helps You Take Complete Control Of Anything and Everything

There are a lot of smart home control products on the market today. It can get confusing trying to figure out what control system is compatible with each different smart home device, in this world of IoT devices. IoT is changing our lives for the better and people want the best controller.

One of the best control systems we’ve seen is from ControlAny. Beak works on the ControlAny platform which is compatible with all of the IoT communication platforms and just about every IoT device, regardless of manufacturer, including Nest, Yale, Belkin, Phillips, GE, Evolve and countless others. It’s designed to be compatible with all of the popular IoT platforms including: Zigbee, Zwave, WiFi, BLE, and even mesh networking which makes the amount of devices ControlAny and Beak work with, limitless.

Beak is ControlAny’s smart home controller. It’s no larger than a paperback book and is extremely lightweight. Packed inside though, is an amazing smart home controller that makes onboarding new devices as easy as pairing Bluetooth in the car. Once your device is onboarded it becomes part of the controllable devices within the ControlAny app.

Using the ControlAny app you can easily remote control anything (like the name says) and everything from the air conditioning to appliances, light bulbs to music, cameras and other devices. ControlAny also makes automation a cinch. You want your coffee maker brewing at 8am no problem. Do the window shades need to be open at 12 noon, even if you’re not home, again no problem. You can set an unlimited amount of automated tasks in the ControlAny platform. It’s truly a set it and forget it platform.

It seems that there’s a new IoT device released almost daily. ControlAny is rapidly updating to add all of these new devices. Whether you’re looking for the best automation system or the best app control features, Beak and ControlAny give you more freedom and more control, for less.

You can pre-order Beak here at Indiegogo.