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Snapchat Founder Looking To Buy BIG Nashville Business?

BigMachine Snapchat Founder Looking To Buy BIG Nashville Business?Creating and owning a successful record label is a hard feat, but that’s just what record industry mogul Scott Borchetta has done.

Borchetta was a founder himself, striking out on his own after literally growing up in the music industry. Both Borchetta’s father Mike and his sister Angela were in the record promotion business and so was he. But like any crazy entrepreneur Scott didn’t like the way record labels were run so he created his own and called it Big Machine. “The name Big Machine is kind of a joke” Borchetta told Fast Company in 2011. “because really, were anything but.” he continued.  Many believe that it’s Borchetta’s Big Machine that is the basis for fictional record label Edge Hill which is the subject of the ABC hit TV show Nashville.

A barely 16 year old girl named Taylor Swift caught Borchetta’s eye and was able to catapult the record label to a fast track to success. That and of course working with Rascall Flatts, The Band Perry and others. Borchetta is well like and trusted on both coasts and in Nashville were the music is made.

Now he’s built up his company and people are chomping at the bit to buy it from him. It’s not like they’re in trouble or that Taylor Swift’s popularity is subsiding, but you know the old saying, everything is for sale at the right price.

Enter millennial founder Evan Spiegel the man behind the hit social media app SnapChat.  Business Insider is reporting this morning that Spiegel may have an interest in buying Borchetta’s Big Machine.

While many may balk at the idea of an internet famous and internet rich entrepreneur buying a traditional Nashville record label, Big Machine is anything but Traditional. One of the reasons that Borchetta is so well received is because he’s radically different and head strong to a point that’s paid off. He’s taken bets with the likes of Taylor Swift that almost seemed like all or nothing rolls of the dice in forming the company 8 years ago.

Spiegel was romantically linked to Taylor Swift a while back but that relationship fizzled after it was reported that Spiegel couldn’t give Swift the attention she wanted. Now Spiegel wants to buy her employer to have easy access to artists and entertainers to promote and push new curated content Snapchat channels from MTV, Vice and many others.

Business Insider has reported that the asking price for Big Machine may be $350 million dollars. Of course Spiegel could write that check today.