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Is Your Social Media Job Ready? The Social U Can Help

Detroit Startup Social U Prepares Your Social You

TheSocialU-top Is Your Social Media Job Ready? The Social U Can Help

Nowadays it’s no secret that prospective employers are going to check your social media.  A good number of college students have the thought going through their minds that someday someone important may be checking out those drunken fraternity party photos. You wouldn’t want to use all that college money for a degree in sports management, only to be denied your dream job over keg stand photos.

It seems that no matter what precautions you take, that HR recruiter is always able to find that one photo you meant for no one else to see. No matter how many times a social media expert, or even someone who works at Facebook or Twitter, speaks to college kids, they still manage to ignore the advice.

Julie Foster, the founder of Detroit startup Social U, knows that experience all to well.

“What parents or counselors often say is, ‘Don’t post anything inappropriate,’ but nobody really shows you what’s appropriate versus what’s inappropriate and explains to you why,” Fisher told thestatenews.coom. “And that’s what we do.”

Some may believe it’s easy, just keep everything private. But what people don’t understand is that sometimes a company seeing your social profile works to your advantage. Were you a missionary your freshman year? Were you in a bunch of school plays? Were you nominated for awards that you didn’t mention in your application or resume? Employers can find those accolades as well and move you up in the running for that ideal position.

“Putting yourself at completely private in that way, like I did, is actually going to do yourself a disservice because a lot of employers are actually using social media to find reasons that they should hire you,” Katie Kieft, The Social U’s social media manager  said. “They like to see how you are going to represent their brand.”

The Social U allows users to sync their social media platforms to their service and it checks your social media for you.  They use an algorithm that can identify potentially bad posts . It checks posts for content that could include alcohol, drugs, sex, hate and symbolism. The best part is that it’s free. It’s very easy to set up, just go to their site, create an account and sync. You can choose to sync your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

The Social U than gives you a score with recommendations on how to handle your social media. They provide you with a social GPA which is your report card. They then help you figure out how to improve your score.

“It was a tool that I created with education in mind,” Fisher said. “Over the course of the last year, we realized that for us, it’s more important that young people are educated, so we took the fee off of it.”

You can check your social score here at 

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