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Social Media for Startups: Why Using a Social Media Manager is Key

Startup companies new to the market need to get on the social media train quickly if they want to help spread the word about their businesses. While this may sound like an easy task, it can actually be quite confusing for businesses that just starting out. There are many benefits to using social media, yet some downsides as well. A social media manager can help your company get started.

The Time-Consuming Process

There is much more to joining social media than simply signing up and using the site. It is actually a time-consuming process, as a full profile should be dedicated to disclosing the right information for the company. The page needs to detail what your company is, the services or products it offers, and the necessary contact information to remember. The initial creation is only the beginning. Regular postings should be made in order to keep people interested, and complaints and feedback should always be monitored to ensure people receive appropriate responses.

With such a time-consuming process, many startups opt to not use social media. This puts them at a huge disadvantage. Rather than going this route, you should consider a social media manager for your business. A company like Social Vantage, for example, is available to monitor your social media sites and ensure regular updates are posted.

The Right Platforms for Your Business

Not every social media site is right for every business. Facebook and Twitter are two of the more common options to choose from. They have been around for years, and still see plenty of use. LinkedIn is also ideal for businesses that want to connect with other companies. This is a more professional site that provides networking opportunities. Other options, like Snapchat and Pinterest, can be considered, but not all businesses are right for these platforms. You can speak to a social media manager about which platforms are best to use, as they will have knowledge on the best options for different types of businesses.

Advanced Security

When well-known sites like Sony and Experian have their information hacked, you know it’s time to let a professional handle your website security. This provides advanced security that will keep your information safe. This includes regularly changing social media passwords and keeping software and accounts updated. These are additional time-consuming duties that can be handled by a professional so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Even if you keep your accounts secure, spend time responding to messages, and sign up for all the right platforms, chances are you will still struggle in the area of lead generation. Regular campaigns should be set in order to generate leads that will potentially steer you toward finding frequent customers. A social media manager will regularly implement lead generation campaigns in order to get people interested in your brand, and hopefully guide them to making a purchase. This kind of marketing can really help get your business noticed.

The confusion of social media is too much for some startups to handle. Many fail to understand which platforms are right for their specific type of business, and have a hard time keeping up with the time-consuming demands of responding to customers and keeping information updated. A social media manager can be hired for these duties so they are handled well, which will help your business thrive.