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Forget Js Carmelo Anthony Backs 3D Printed Shoes

SOLS-31 Forget Js Carmelo Anthony Backs 3D Printed ShoesProfessionals basketball players are no strangers to the shoe business. Kobe Bryant, LeBron Johnson and of course Michael Jordan are all namesakes for highly popular Nike shoes. Other players have their names on shoes made by other companies like Adidas.

Sols-Logo Forget Js Carmelo Anthony Backs 3D Printed ShoesUntil now Carmelo Anthony has had a shoe under the Jordan umbrella and will probably continue to do so, but now reports that the All Star New York Knick and his venture capital firm Melo7 are backing a new startup that 3D prints custom fitting in soles insuring That shoes fit perfectly.

The startup called, SOLS was founded by Kegan Schouwenburg and uses a combination of 3D scanning and 3D printing to bring the digital world to life. SOLS takes three photos provided by the user of their foot from three different angles and creates a 3D Printed corrective insole.

Ms. Schouwenburg is hoping to add a new component of the business that will print actual shoes instead of just the insoles. The shoes could be finished off in customized designs and fabrics.

“3D printing will be part of the change, but it’ll be combined with things like injection molding, rapid casting, milling—that’s where things like on-demand modular footwear really become possible.” Scouwenberg said.

Anthony isn’t the only NBA player involved with this innovative technology Terdema Ussery, the CEO of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, was just announced as a board member for the New York based company.

SOLS has also partnered with a 3D printing firm in Germany called EOS, to help build a 3D printing factory in Temple Texas capable of producing 10,000 3D printed insoles per day.