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Imagine If Kuerig Could Make Cocktails, Meet Somabar

The Kuerig machine, and the coffee pod concept revolutionized the coffee industry. Millions of people who had dumped the coffee pot for the Barista have been able to return to their kitchens with the help of a Kuerig machine. People can have their favorite flavor brewed for one in just minutes.

Now imagine if the same were true with cocktails. You want a vodka tonic or another concoction but you don’t want to stop at the bar. You don’t have to thanks for the brilliant guys behind Somabar.

The Somabar machine has taken the pod concept to cocktails. You simply fill Somabar’s pods up with your favorite alcohol, let it know what spirit is in each pod and tap into your robotic bartenders little black book of hundreds of cocktails. Now you can get your favorite cocktail started while you run up to your room to get changed. Relax at home with a cocktail reminiscent of your favorite watering hole.

Somabar knocked their Kickstarter campaign out of the ball park and plan to start shipping shortly. They’re also in discussions with major retailers and who knows you may be able to buy a Somabar at your neighborhood Bed Bath and Beyond one day soon.

Check out the video below: