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Starting Up In Madrid [Infographic]

Thinking About Starting Up In Madrid, Check Out This Infographic

Startups are catching on in Madrid, and catching on quick. An affordable cost of living, great culture, and budding resources are attracting entrepreneurs in Spain to the capital city.

There’s a co-working renaissance going on in Madrid is another attraction to entrepreneurs not only in Spain but Latin America as well. With their deep, rich design, co-working spaces are affordable, but with the look and amenities of places like WeWork. “don’t be afraid, cheap office space doesn’t equal low-quality space!” Startus Magazine says.

Talent is relatively easy to come by in Madrid and affordable. Many well trained engineers and IT specialists expect lower wages as compared to other European hubs. There are also a variety of good colleges and universities in Madrid that provide a good flow of smart, millennial aged engineers and developers.

There’s also decent access to capital in Madrid. The city ranks fifth out of startup communities in Europe when it comes to funding early stage high growth potential companies.

The drawback is there’s not a tremendous amount of English speaking population in Madrid, however if Spanish is your first language it may be a great city to start your next big company. Check out the inforgraphic below.

Madrid-Startup-Infographic Starting Up In Madrid [Infographic]


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