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Startups Say Goodbye Forms and Hello Typeform

typeform-top Startups Say Goodbye Forms and Hello TypeformStartups Need An Easy Way To Get Feedback, Typeforms Is It.

There are many reasons that startups need to create forms. Entrepreneurs and founders are known for obsessing over the best UI, and the best experience for all of their human users. Google forms are known to be a bit clunky and Launch Rock is just to basic. Startup founders are looking to get valuable feedback from real human beings and they want those human users to be able to give feedback naturally.

That’s where Typeforms comes in.

Typeforms is steadfast and passionate about making user feedback more human and more natural. Whether you’re looking to ask a few basic multiple choice questions or doing a deep dive survey about a video, product or experience, Typeforms and their easy to use templates make feedback simple.

Startups and companies looking to measure loyalty with a Net Promotor Score survey will find that Typeforms NPS survey drives high response rates and can automatically generate important NPS scores, delivered right to your inbox.  Typeforms also makes it easy to customize their existing NPS survey template or create your own using their step by step guide, insuring your startup or company asks the right questions so you can iterate based on feedback.

Startups need to ask their human user’s questions and with Typeforms there’s never any wrong answer, or any wrong question. Typeforms simplifies asking for information, insights, registration, payment or even knowledge.  Their templates can be used when a customer enters your site or before they exit, making it the most versatile feedback tool available.

typeform2 Startups Say Goodbye Forms and Hello TypeformTypeform offers hundreds of templates to get feedback on just about everything. Their intuitive user interface is able to adapt to the form your creating, making suggestions for questions and feedback options that you might not have thought about. Typeform also has hundreds of pre-selected questions that allow users to bring their forms to life. It’s as simple as Drag, Drop, Ask.

It’s easy to get started with Typeform there’s no coding required. You just drag and drop the questions where you want them, and if for some reason it doesn’t look right, Typeform will help you set up your forms so they’re perfect. When you deploy your Typeform to your website it will look like you spent thousands of dollars with a developer. Typeform takes security seriously they are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) company and all of your data is safe in the cloud.

Even with all these features, Typeform makes it easy for the most bootstrapped startup to get critical feedback. Their plans start with Free, and that’s not for just one question, their free plan will get you 10 fields with up to 100 responses per month. To get unlimited questions and unlimited responses it will only cost $59 per month, which is a very small price to pay for valuable human feedback.  Their Pro plan also allows you to remove the Typeform branding so you can say “Look what I made mom”.

On the backside, Typeform makes getting your data out as easy as it was for humans to put it in. You can download data in an Excel file or make it do dazzling things with Zapier.

Check out Typeform today, it’s easy and it’s at