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Startup Maven Creates Tinder For PR

Author, Entrepreneur and PR Professional, Allison Kugel Creates Upitch

Upitchtop Startup Maven Creates Tinder For PR

Swipe right if you like it and swipe left if you don’t. This is a concept that we are becoming all too familiar with, thanks to the dating app we all know and love, Tinder.

There’s been a lot of talk on the internet lately about how proprietary certain features are these days. For instance Instagram and now Facebook have story features, very similar to Snapchat. The hashtag, which became popular through Twitter is everywhere. And today,, Christian Mingle, OkCupid, Bumble and E-Harmony all have some kind of swipe left and right feature.

Allison Kugel, aside from sharing a last name with a Jewish delicacy, is a well regarded journalist and a very respected PR aficionado. She’s started multiple companies, written hundreds of well read stories and introduced journalists to thousands of products and story ideas.

Her latest startup is Upitch Inc. They’ve produced an amazing app for journalists and PR professionals.

The Upitch app allows PR professionals and others seeking to get their product, service, or content promoted to journalists, to easily set up an account and reach over 1500 journalists who’ve downloaded the app since last May.

Journalists evaluate a micro-pitch of up to 400 characters that gives the journalist a brief look into what the PR professional is pitching. The pitches are categorized for industry and geographic location. Once the PR person is done developing the micro pitch, they upload it to Upitch’s live swipe feed.

Upitch-howitworks Startup Maven Creates Tinder For PR

On the journalist’s side, once they’ve set up a free account, pitches just come on the screen like Tinder. With a 400 character limit, journalists are sure to receive the meat of the story without having to read all the superfluous fluff that comes with a standard press release. They simply swipe right if they like the pitch and left if they don’t.

Pitches that the journalist likes go into a liked pitches folder within the app. When the journalist goes back to those pitches they can build their story around the information provided or they an use a free chat feature that connects the journalist with the person that initially pitched the story. By tapping a “chat” button at the bottom of the app, a message is sent directly to the PR person.

Check out Upitch in the iTunes app store, here.