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Startup Tracker: Browser extension providing data and info on any startup

Startup Tracker

Twitter-Logo Startup Tracker: Browser extension providing data and info on any startup

What is Startup Tracker?

Startup Tracker is a multi-platform browser extension that let’s you pull up a one pager about any startup you read or hear about to get an immediate overview of what they do, their progress and activity without leaving your current browser tab!

Who is your target user?

Entrepreneurs, startup founders, angel investors, investment firms including VCs, accelerators and business developers.

Why did you build Startup Tracker? What problem are you taking on?

It’s complicated for people to track startups and not rewarding enough for startups to share their information – we’re changing that.


It takes a lot of time and effort to:
a) find promising startups in a given market
b) gather up-to-date startup profiles
c) keep up with company and product updates.

Further, because of the recent explosion in the number of startups and the lack of incentives for startups to share company and product information in a structured way, startup data is often incomplete, stale or altogether inexistent (we observed this is especially true for seed and early-stage startups).

How is Startup Tracker different from what is currently available?

We have the best platform to search, track and discover early stage startups – and we’re making it accessible.

In our industry, data is king. And while some companies that provide similar paid-for services entirely outsource their data, in our experience, much of the data for seed and early stage startups simply doesn’t exist online.

Because of this, we use a unique data sourcing process. We first aggregate data from primary sources. We then enrich this data by crawling the web for missing datapoints and use our own crowdsourcing mechanism to source datapoints that are still missing – from startups directly.

We do all of this for free because we believe making an accessible startup tracker is key: the more users we have, the more attractive it is for startups to contribute their data to our platform so we’re creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

As founders, we couldn’t believe there wasn’t an accessible startup tracking platform when we first starting looking for one and soon realized that a vast majority of the startup community had the same problem.

We thus decided to take the matter into your own hands! We released our MVP in Dec 2014 and the response was simply amazing. We got a ton of emails from people working at small and large companies alike and founders which told us they loved what we made and encouraged us to keep pushing forward!

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

We’re based in London, UK and this is the second startup we built together.

Csongor is the CTO, he’s a full stack dev that did everything from freelancing for large corporations to building his own MMORPG private servers before we started working together.

Jeremiah is the Head of Product. The spectrum of his activities include: User Interface and Experience design, Growth Engineering, Customer Development, Business Development and anything else required to make things happen. He also has a PhD in Machine Learning from Imperial College.

  • jameskelly99

    I sure hope the code is open source. I am not going to trust some random big data extension in my browser. You would be much better off making this a website IMO.

  • Jeremiah

    Hi James, fear not! The data is not held in the extension, it’s held on external data providers and/or our servers, so essentially the browser extension acts exactly like a little website on top of the current website you’re browsing. We will be releasing a web platform with many more features over the summer though so stay tuned!