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This Startup Wants To Make Finding An Investor, A Snap

Boston Startup GuruSnaps Wants To Make Finding An Investor A Snap

gurusnaps-top This Startup Wants To Make Finding An Investor, A Snap

Whether you’re a startup looking for angel funding, seed funding, Series A funding or beyond, finding the right kind of investors can be hard. Angel list was once the best place to find investors but of course the platform quickly became over-saturated. Now it’s a place for startups to post jobs and on occasion you may find an investor looking for the right deal, but you’re talking about a 10,000 gallon pool filled with over 200,000 minnows.

There’s a startup in Boston that’s trying to make it a snap to reach investors. But it’s not just for startups, they want to help people connect with businesses that are for sale and even small business owners find the right source of funding. Obviously VC’s and Angel investors are looking for somewhat risky deals with tremendous upside. The guy looking to fund his dreams of a Dunkin Donuts chain doesn’t need that kind of investor. But both, will be found on GuruSnaps.

GuruSnaps allows entrepreneurs to rate, review & engage professionals who can help them fund their startup or buy a new business. The platform also provides financial services professionals with a variety of inbound marketing tools to attract, educate, and engage motivated niche prospects.” Adam Ray, founder of GuruSnaps told in an interview.

Ray is no stranger to startups. After spending some time with Wall Street giants like Morgan Stanley and UBS, the rest of his career has been basically spent in startups both in advisory roles and investor roles. Ray has been analyzing, and funding deals for over a decade. In creating GuruSnaps he wanted to make a platform that helps both startups and investors waste less time in finding the right connections.

The platform is part investor sourcing, part Yelp for investors and a community of likeminded entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to boost their business in the best way possible.

But what exactly is a GuruSnap?

“GuruSnaps are clear informational snapshots of investors, advisors and intermediaries designed to educate and empower the entrepreneur. The goal is to promote informed decision-making when it comes to funding your startup, or even buying or selling a business.  Research, review and engage the “gurus” who seek to advise or invest in your baby.” Ray says on the GuruSnaps website.

GuruSnaps takes the guess work out of finding the right investor, advisor or intermediary through ratings, reviews, industry focus and deal size that each investor typically does. There’s no sense targeting someone who regularly invests $25-$50k in a deal when you’re raising $10 million dollars.

GuruSnaps are clear, detailed snapshots of investment professionals (Gurus) designed to educate and empower the entrepreneur. The goal is to provide informed decision-making when it comes to funding a startup or buying a business.” Ray said.

This is definitely a tough space to crack, for GuruSnaps to be successful they need to get the word out to the millions of startup founders out there who are currently blind emailing everyone on Sand Hill Road. But once they find GuruSnaps, finding an investor should be a breeze, or a snap, or something like that.

Check out GuruSnaps here.