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Storage By The Box Startup Closetbox Taking Off

closetbox1 Storage By The Box Startup Closetbox Taking OffI’m confident there’s a whole lot of “coming out of the closet” headlines that could be made about Denver startup Closetbox.

It’s been obvious for years that the self storage industry needed a major disruption. A handful of entrepreneurs thought they could disrupt self storage with an “air b-n-b” model. That didn’t work out, primarily because of scalability and insurance concerns.

One of those startups, based in Austin, pivoted to serving as a marketplace for already existing storage facilities.

That wasn’t it either.

Perhaps one of the most significant disruptions in the storage industry was when PODS came on the scene in the late 90’s. Their concept, of bringing a storage unit to someone’s home or office, eliminated a fair amount of the work and alleviated some of the pain points with self storage.

Now, husband and wife founding team Marcus and Katy Mollmann have once again disrupted the storage industry, and this idea is even better than PODS. Their starutp, Closetbox, is an on-demand, by the box storage solution that comes to you.

Whether you’re storing all of your families summer clothes, a collection of baseball cards or all the records from last year’s real estate closings, when your stuff is ready to go, Closetbox comes and gets it for you. They mark the boxes with a barcode and then store it in their climate controlled, secure facility. Customers can even monitor their boxes in a self service dashboard on the company’s website.

The Commercial Property Executive reports that the couple has expanded their business from Denver to 24 municipalities across 11 states and Washington DC.

Closetbox adds a layer of convenience never seen before in the self storage industry. Now, people can rent storage space, almost entirely by the box. The rates start at $12 per month and $2 per box for bin storage. Space runs from 24 square feet to 200 square feet. The best part, the company comes to the customer. Long gone are day long trips to the storage facility and finding someone that can loan you a pick up truck.

Closetbox raised $2 million dollars last October for expansion.