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DC Startup Finally Gets Crowdsourced News

stormpins-1 DC Startup Finally Gets Crowdsourced NewsWe’ve seen so many iterations of Crowdsourced news in fact I’ve invested in a few. Who doesn’t want to find the first big explosive thing in Crowdsourced news.

New technologies and social networks have replaced almost every contemporary business known to man, why shouldn’t tv news be part of that as well? That’s actually the wrong idea and one day I knew someone would get that, that person’s name is Chris Weldon.

You see the key to the successful Crowdsourced news startup is going to be working in conjunction with the local news, not to replace it. That’s exactly what Stormpins is doing.

Yes Stormpins is about weather related breaking news, but don’t let the name fool you. Weldon needed a content category that would work well with the main reason that people watch the news, which is for breaking news.

Crowdsourced news shouldn’t just be about murders, and politics there’s great value in the crowd. The storm concept helps people connect with the idea but once the connection is made between a localized tv station and Stormpins the people start using it for other things.

For example a local tv station in Texas used Stormpins to mobilize their viewers and help find a missing child, far more effective than the current Amber alert system.

TV stations that use Stormpins also have all of the nationwide data available to them which they can use to create content and go out of the realm of sister stations and networks.

It’s this collaboration with terrestrial TV stations that’s already made Stormpins a success.

We would be hard pressed to find a startup that could take the place of a multi billion dollar content industry, but when you incorporate the local or terrestrial news stations then it’s a match made in heaven and something that both traditional media and it’s viewers can get behind. Find out more, watch the video below and check on