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Students Can Now Post To Their School’s Social Media With Class Intercom

Nebraska Startup Class Intercom Creates A Full Social Media Experience For Schools

class-intecom-top Students Can Now Post To Their School's Social Media With Class Intercom

Class Intercom gives students the power of a school’s social media channels

I don’t want to date myself but when we were in high school in let’s say the early 90’s my friends and I on the newspaper staff would create fake afternoon announcements, use the school’s form and then sneak them into the pile as the student that read the announcements was already broadcasting for the day. A class to create pirate newspapers, instructions on cooking “that crap” the cafeteria serves, and a yardsale of the vice principal’s entire wardrobe were just some of the fun things we snuck in. I can only imagine what it would be like if we were to somehow gain access to our school’s social media channels now.

That’s the worry educators and administrators have today. Administrators even worry about the most trustworthy students. What if they had access to a school’s Facebook feed and then were tempted by another student to do something unruly, or even worse.  The problem lies in the fact that social media can be a really good tool for schools, and for most schools, teachers, and administrators are too busy to update regularly. A secretary can easily post an early dismissal or snow cancellation, but the community doesn’t want to just hear about that.

One of the school’s close to our office had a science fair project that was invited to the White House. We read about it after the fact, in USA Today, and we follow the school on social media.

Well fear no more, Lincoln Nebraska based edtech startup Class Intercom has your school covered.

On the surface, Class Intercom has created a web and app based platform, a dashboard if you will, that will allow students to post directly to school’s social media channels, of course going through an approval process. Right now, in most schools, students who can post to a school’s social media channels, they have to email the content onto a teacher or administrator and then it gets posted, probably much later.

School’s are loving the fact that they can just about put social media into the hands of students in journalism, newspaper, yearbook or any other class for that matter.

Jeremy Borer, Technical Director for Sandy Creek High School, debuted Class Intercom with students going on an art field trip. He was able to tell the students to go to town and capture their trip the way they normally would. Parents, other students, teachers and community members could enjoy seeing the story on social media channels.  Other schools are using Class Intercom in similar ways.

Class Intercom is a great tool for education as it is, but the team behind the new platform wants to be even more. They are developing a curriculum around Class Intercom that teaches good digital citizenship, content creation and responsibility when it comes to social media.

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