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SXSW We Are In You

It’s great to be back, and it’s great to be back at South By Southwest. We skipped a year in the nibletz fiasco but we picked up right where we left off and started our journey to SXSW 2015 yesterday.

Today (Thursday) we got up and started the day off running. We breezed through the registration line which I’m telling you as someone who has been to 14 sxsw festivals, coming that first day you can pick up your badge is the best you’ll save sooooo much time. After that we checked out  some really cool stuff in the SXSWedu portion of the conference. Our coverage partner for that is Physical Apps, you should check them out here.

LB-Banner-720x90 SXSW We Are In YouThe first thing we noticed was the overpowering smell of Big Mac’s way over the smell of BBQ in previous years. That’s because McDonald’s has just started a major partnership with SXSW over Subway, which has caused a little bit of controversy so far.

On the EDU side you can tell just by the sheer number of people here on day one that SXSWedu is growing.

Today we saw a talk on wearables in the classroom, a Shark Tank pitch style event, the future classroom and even Goldie Hawn talking about brain training, that’s typically a topic set for the likes of Nolan Bushnell.

Speaking of Nolan Bushnell, our 2015 coverage of SXSW is brought to you by PhysicalApps, The Round House, Alabama’s Fastest Startup Space, and HCon, the south easts largest tech conference featuring John McAfee, Nolan Bushnell, Brock Pierce, Jason Lucash and more.