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Talk With A Student At Your Dream School With Univisor

London Startup Univisor Hopes To Help The College Admissions Process

Univisor-top Talk With A Student At Your Dream School With Univisor

The college admissions process has been disrupted time and time again by exciting startups. We’ve found better ways to apply for college, keep essays and other portfolio items more organized, and find funding for the school of your dreams. Now, a London startup is helping students by making other students accessible to them.

Typically when you go on a college visit you get a chance to talk with a student or two. Those students have a vested interest in following the talking points of the admissions office. If you have the time and your just a tad bit outgoing, you may track a student or two down and have your own open discussion.

Univisor, a London startup, wants to connect prospective students with active students at the schools on their short list.

Students from any school can sign up to be univisors and get paid to do it. For the prospective student, the process is as easy as registering, making a low, easy payment and having a consultation.

“At Univisor, we began by acknowledging that the college admissions system, both at undergraduate and graduate level, does not provide everyone with access to resources that would allow for a more competitive college application.” Ameer Jumabhoy, co-founder of Univisor told us in an interview.

Univisor also works great as students begin to apply to their favorite college or university. Prospective students can talk with Univisors about essays, applications and the interview process, giving them a competitive edge.

“We saw many great candidates fail to reach their top choice schools and consequently created a platform that would effortlessly connect prospective students with current students, ‘Univisors,’ at their top choice schools. We want to provide a unified platform for prospective students to ask questions, work with Univisors to improve their essays and get feedback on their interview skills.” Jumabhoy said.

Want an edge on your college application check out Univisor here. 

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