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Vine Meets Voxer With Talkit App [OneSpark Preview]

I must admit, while we were perusing this year’s OneSpark entries TALKiT caught our eye because it seemed to be a lot like Voxer. It was positioned as an app that allows you to send little soundbytes of your voice and such to your friends.

Well after downloading TALKiT from the iTunes app store and playing with it for a few, it’s more like a social network based on your thoughts. Are you familiar with the “scanner” hobby, you know listening to police and fire calls on a scanner radio. Well TALKiT is like a scanner for people.

With TALKiT you have 10 seconds to say whatever you want and then leave it on the TALKiT network for everyone to hear. You can peruse people’s TALKiT social messages and if you want you can respond to them in the open network. You could quickly create a party line.

TALKit-iosscreen Vine Meets Voxer With Talkit App [OneSpark Preview]TALKiT is just one of the technologies that Palm Coast GabRy is showing off at OneSpark next week. They will be housed in the Burrito Gallery and Bar at 21 East Adams Street.

At their OneSpark booth GabRy will be showing off TALKiT along with TALKiT Tunes a platform which utilizes the TALKiT platform to promote new unsigned artists and their music, The IWDb (Internet Writer’s Data Base), and DIGITZ a fingerprint based payments platform that will connect all payment platforms through a finger print.

The company is hoping to raise $1,000,000 at OneSpark to develop all of their technologies and other ideas as well.

As for TALKiT, it looks like it could be a lot of fun to use at OneSpark and other big events.


Download TALKiT here

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