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Teeniors Provide Tech Support For Seniors In Albuquerque

teeniorstop Teeniors Provide Tech Support For Seniors In AlbuquerqueA new startup is doing something that only seems natural. The startup, Teeniors, connects tech savvy teenagers with senior citizens that require basic tech support services. You know those things grandma usually asks her teenage grandson for help with at Thanksgiving. But with Teeniors, that tech support is available every day.

By utilizing a diverse group of teenagers, CEO and Founder, Trish Lopez, can match most technical needs of seniors to a teenage counterpart. From basic iPhone or Android instruction to setting up email accounts and uploading videos, Teeniors provide their senior aged customers with learning, coaching and companionship. The teenage service providers are able to relate to their client base the way they would their own grandparents. This insures that the seniors walk away from the technical support with an actual understanding of their product.

After pitching the original concept at a Startup Weekend in New Mexico in the spring of 2015, Lopez has already forged partnerships with major area companies.

Tuesday April 5th the Teeniors will hold an open house group type event for seniors at the Walgreens at 3400 Coors Blvd in Albuquerque from 11am-3pm. At this event, the $39.99 fee is waived and seniors can bring their technical questions to Walgreens for a session with one of the Teeniors.“We want to help our seniors who want to learn technology that can benefit their lives, so I am delighted to have Teeniors provide this service for us,” said Rod Walter,the local Walgreens manager who oversees the west side store. “We are very impressed by the work they have been doing across Albuquerque.”

Lopez has even utilized the “buy one give one” approach that has been so successful for companies like Toms. For every paid event Teeniors does they provide one free community event to insure that as many seniors as possible across Albuquerque can benefit from the service.

Although she hasn’t formally said anything, it’s evident that Teeniors will be able to scale across the country with their very practical business model.

Find out more about Teeniors here.

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