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Tevva Set To Show Off The World’s First Electric Truck At Collision

UK Startup TV Bringing It’s Electric Truck To Collision

Tevva-Motors-Top Tevva Set To Show Off The World's First Electric Truck At Collision

Typically when you put the words truck and Collision into the same story, the results aren’t very good. That’s not the case for UK startup Tevva, the manufacturer of the world’s first electric truck. If Tesla made a box truck, it would be a Tevva.

The world’s greenest extended range electric truck is capable of driving from New York to New Orleans, non stop with completely zero emissions. The truck is capable of doing this long distance trip with no need to stop and recharge. The value proposition here for companies, the trucking industry and the environment is earth shattering.

“These vehicles actively manage the use of the range extender by utilising our ground breaking method of predicting a day’s total energy requirements to optimise the performance of the vehicles ability to utilise Grid electricity.  This could reduce urban road network emissions, for some users by up to 100% and deliver a strategic road network emissions reduction of CO2, THC gases and particulates of up to 95% plus NOx emissions by up to 30% with the addition of our upcoming hydrogen technology.” The company says on their website. 

Their technology isn’t limited to trucks they produce. They are also developing a retrofit kit for existing fleets.

“Tevva Motors’ environmentally friendly, low emission solution for back to base fleets can be supplied as a custom truck, or retrofitted to a wide range of existing trucks to re-life older vehicles without the need to replace entire fleets.” the company said.
This past November the company was selected to join the London Stock Exchange Group’s Elite Accelerator Programe. It’s a two year program that puts together some of the best mentors, advisors, investors and stock holders curated by the London Stock Exchange.

Beginning Tuesday they’ll be in New Orleans for the 2017 Collision Conference in New Orleans. There’s a handful of tickets left here. You can check out Tevva Motors online here.