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Thimble Is Creating A New Generation of Makers [sxsw]

Buffalo Startup, Thimble, Is Creating A New Generation Of Makers

If you’re a 70’s, 80’s or 90’s baby you may remember being able to go into your local mall and your local Radio Shack to find new electronics projects. The Texas electronics giant that’s crumbling right before our eyes, had electronics projects in a variety of packages and build it yourself kits. Two years ago, Radio Shacks started dropping like flies and with that, they became more like mini Best Buys.

Since then there have only been a few things commercially available for the tinkerers. Little Bits is a popular electronics kit manufacturer that caters to students in grades K-12. Radio Shack, at one point, was their largest dealer.

Thimble-1 Thimble Is Creating A New Generation of Makers [sxsw]

Three entrepreneurs from Buffalo New York had the answer.

Oscar Pedreso, David Brenner and Michael Lusking created a new kind of subscription box in 2015. Thimble, sends subscribers a new project every month.  Each box comes with all the parts to make an electronics project. The instructions can be found on Thimble’s app and website. They’ve put together a variety of kits for every age and ability level.

The boxes start at just $60 a month, making projects affordable for the family. At the end of putting the project together subscribers will have a functioning electronic thing. They can range from compasses to alarm clocks, robots and more.

Thimble says that they are for ages 13 and up but readily admit they have customers as young as six. “It’s not about age as much as it is about ability level, and curiosity” they told us at South By Southwest where they were competing in the SXSW Accelerator.

What’s very appealing about Thimble is that it’s not just about makers and making things. While kids are enjoying creating new interactive projects, they are learning valuable STEM skills.

Watch our video interview above, and for more information visit thimble.io