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Togga: Online Fantasy Sports Comes To Soccer [sxsw]

To say I’ve learned a lot more about Soccer at SXSW than I ever expected to know in a lifetime would be an understatement. This is my 14th sxsw and the first time I’ve ever heard so much about soccer. Perhaps it’s because of the popularity of last years World Cup. I learned that the World Cup was the most tweeted about event in history with over 650 million tweets. That’s crazy.

On Friday morning I learned how much technology goes into an MLS soccer game and how MLS team owners are using a variety of engaging tactics to make fans be part of the experience and not just passive fans. Heck I learned that MLS meant Major League Soccer and wasn’t just the website to go to to find houses.

Now truth be told I actually learned about Togga on Thursday night as part of the ATX pre-sxsw Startup Crawl. That’s where we filmed the earlier part of the video below. Togga, is the fantasy sports place for soccer fans. What’s crazy is I had no idea that Soccer fans outnumbered American Football fans by more than 10x. But even with that much of a fan base, earlier fantasy sports sites dedicated to soccer came up short.

Togga has discovered that soccer fans would participate in fantasy soccer if there were more features. The biggest feature that was lacking for soccer fans was the draft, and with Togga they’ve incorporated a draft. The draft isn’t just about online selection of who your squad of 11 players is going to be, it’s a very competitive activity in itself making grown men and women almost want to fight each other as they guzzle down beer, talk soccer crap to one another and sulk when their favorite player goes to their co-working in accounting.

Togga also incorporates daily games and a variety of other amazing features that will eventually make it the destination for soccer fans that want to play fantasy soccer alongside watching their favorite soccer teams.

These guys are incubating at Austin’s Capital Factory, and have their game in check.