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Top 5 Reasons Why Having ISO 9001 Certification Is Important

iso9001-top Top 5 Reasons Why Having ISO 9001 Certification Is ImportantIn 1946, delegates from twenty five countries gathered in London to decide on a new and universal industrial standard. The result was the International Standards Organization, which is today headquartered in Switzerland.

One of the most important ISO standards of all is the 9001 Standard, which applies to virtually any business in any industry and specifies the requirements for a QMS, or Quality Management System.

“ISO certification an be used to provide potential customers with independent validation of an organization’s conformity,” Reciprocity Labs notes.

But while you may know that having an ISO 9001 standard is at least ‘good’ for your company, are you truly motivated to become ISO 9001 certified?

If you’re still admittedly on the fence, here are the top five reasons why having ISO 9001 certification is important for your business:

Reason #1 – Your Company Will Gain International Recognition For Quality

 This one is huge because ISO 9001 is a worldwide standard for quality management recognized by virtually all countries. Therefore, being ISO certified will put your company in a very prestigious club that not all of your competitors may be able to attest to.

Becoming ISO certified instantly indicates to customers and clients in both the public and private sectors that your company meets a very high level of quality, and your credentials will be virtually indisputable. Speaking of customers…


Reason #2 – Customers May Require You To Be ISO Certified

 Believe it or not, but certain customers may require contractors or vendors they work with to be ISO certified, especially customers who work within government/in the public sector.

And to be even more specific, there are many companies in the world who will only work with vendors who have the ISO 9001 certification, which means that failing to become certified means that you could be losing out on a large chunk of business.

Reason #3 – Your Operations Will Become More Efficient

 To become ISO certified, your company actually needs to met the high standards that are set for how your company is managed.  Subsequently, it only makes sense that your business operations and management will improve as a result of becoming certified by the ISO. For example, your business operations may become more consistent.

This means that the products and services you create will be more consistent. Identical products will be manufactured to the exact same tolerances and level of quality, for example. Have you ever purchased products from a company before where the quality control wasn’t all that great? The ISO 9001 certification helps your company avoid that, which helps to improve and maintain a good reputation.


Reason #4 – You’ll Likely Pay Lower Insurance Premiums

This is perhaps the most overlooked benefit when it comes to ISO certification. Insurance companies will decide that your company is at a lower risk by being ISO certified, because again, it is a worldwide standard for quality management.

Paying lower insurance premiums is an easy but effective way to save money, and over the long term especially, that can really start to add up. While receiving an ISO 9001 certification may not necessarily guarantee that you’ll be paying lower premiums, at the very least, the chances of paying less will be much higher than they were before.


Reason #5 – Your Company Will Make More Money

 Last but not least, if for no other reason at all, your company is almost guaranteed to see an increase in revenue and profit margins after becoming ISO certified for the main reasons that we discussed.

As we have discussed, becoming ISO certified essentially puts your company in world class when it comes to Quality Management Systems. There will be companies only willing to work with you if you are certified, and your operations will become more streamlined and efficient to create high quality products for your customers.

All of these advantages will add up to more business while simultaneously saving on costs, which translates to making more money. In the long run, your company will simply become more successful.


The Importance of ISO 9001 Certification

 Remember, you can also market the fact that your company is ISO 9001 certified in your advertising, which can really help to make you more reputable and attract more clients/customers. Even if being ISO certified is not truly necessary for your business, the incredibly benefits and advantages of being certified are simply undeniable.

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