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UpContent Will Give You A Month Of Your Life Back

Collision-top UpContent Will Give You A Month Of Your Life BackCollision Preview: Pittsburgh Startup UpContent, Will Give You A Month Of Your Life Back.

Upcontent-top UpContent Will Give You A Month Of Your Life Back

How would you like a month of your life back? Well the folks at Pittsburgh based Community Elf/Upcontent can help make that a reality with their UpContent platform.

UpContent is a product of Community Elf which was founded in Pittsburgh in 2010.  They are an outsourced content marketing company for agencies and brand marketers across a variety of industries and verticals. Through Community Elf the company was already helping branders and marketeers develop, produce and curate content.

In 2015 they looked to offer an automated SaaS platform. Their platform scales digital content curation on native websites and social media platforms. Through various channels they provide more than 40,000 article suggestions per day across 1,000 cities.  According to the company, content creation is a task for over 80% of brand marketers. They spend nearly a month of their time per year curating content. Through the Upcontent platform they can save a lot of that valuable time.

Investors are noticing Community Elf and Upcontent. Earlier this year the company announced a $2 million dollar Series A round led by local private equity fund Topanga Partners (editor’s note: curious if there’s a BMW connection). They’re using that money to accelerate product development and drive awareness.

“The timing of Topanga’s investment couldn’t be better,” said Scott Rogerson, CEO of Community Elf. “We are well positioned in the content marketing industry to take advantage of the opportunity that lies ahead. The idea for the UpContent Gallery was sparked by listening to our customers, and we are thrilled about launching globally. We are excited to work with the Topanga team to achieve our vision.”

“Community Elf and UpContent provide a compelling solution within the $200B content marketing industry,” says Laurie Barkman, Managing Partner at Topanga Partners. “There is constant demand for digital content in nearly every business. UpContent directly addresses the everyday challenge of sourcing and curating relevant content, making it a must-have solution for marketing teams and agencies with global reach.”

Part of that awareness is being featured at Collision 2017, the fastest growing tech and startup conference in the country. The conference starts Tuesday and will host over 20,000 attendees, 5,000 investors, 4500 startups and thousands of c-level executives.

You can check out UpContent in person at Collision, there are still a handful of tickets left here. You can check them out on the web here.