36/86 Nashville Startups

The 36 Startups We’re Excited To See In Nashville

Village 36 Startups

The third installment of Launch Tennessee’s Southland Conference kicks off later today with a new name, and a lot of great programming. 36:86 is the name that Launch Tennessee came up with after they split up with Pando Daily, who’s holding their conference, PandoLand next week.

Launch Tennessee and an entourage of startup enthusiasts and activists from across the south east went on tour to find the 36 best startups across the land. Those startups are vying for a prize of $36,000 during this conference.

36:86 is mashup of southern culture, music, food, spirits and of course startups. Nashville has grown into a big regional startup community complete with a Google office, Google Fiber on the way and not one but two conferences.

Here are the 36 startups that will be featured at this conference:


Bandposters (Knoxville, TN)NEURO+ (Durham, NC)
CrowdTunes (Durham, NC)PriceWaiter (Chattanooga, TN)
DivvyCloud (McLean, VA)Reveal Estate (Atlanta, GA)
Dynepic (Charleston, SC)Scorebird (Nashville, TN)
EmployUs (Raleigh, NC)Survature (Knoxville, TN)
Feetz (Chattanooga, TN)Terminus (Atlanta, GA)
GameWisp (Nashville, TN)TransitScreen (Washington, DC)
Graph Story (Memphis, TN)Utilize Health (Nashville, TN)
GROUNDFLOOR (Atlanta, GA)Vayando (Atlanta, GA)
Kanga (Atlanta, GA)WorkAmerica (Washington, DC)
MakeTime (Lexington, KY)YouRoam: (Miami Beach, FL)
MetroTech (Atlanta, GA)ZipFlip (Chattanooga, TN)
Airside Mobile (Arlington, VA),
aPersona (Raleigh, NC),
Babyscripts (Washington, DC),
Echovate (Charleston, SC),
EQUITYEATS (Washington, DC),
Florence Healthcare (Atlanta, GA),
FotoSwipe (Raleigh, NC),
Good Done Great (Charleston, SC),
PartPic (Atlanta, GA),
Rivalry (Atlanta, GA),
RootsRated (Chattanooga, TN)
Virgil Security, Inc. (Manassas, VA).

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