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Voloe: A Social Bucket List

There are a countless number of social networks out there. Most are just that, networks through which to share various things with your friends and family. That said, there are a few social networks that focus on a single area. We had the chance to speak with the founder of Voloe, one such network, during TechCrunch Disrupt NY.

Voloe Voloe: A Social Bucket List

Voloe does not really fit the mold of the standard social media platform. Instead, Voloe is focused on helping people meet their goals. In a nutshell, Voloe allows users to create and share lists and goals:

Voloe is an online network designed to help you make a list to then share with friends and family. Making others aware of your goals, wishes, and dreams will give them meaningful knowledge into who you are and how they can support you. Chances are someone in your Voloe network will be able to assist you in accomplishing your list. The people you connect with have networks of their own. This compiles into an amazing environment where people are actively assisting each other to make dreams come true. Voloe’s theory is that social media could be used for this greater purpose. We believe so strongly in our theory that we commit to award nearly $1 million in estimated value to Voloe users to help prove it.1

Not only is Voloe a place to share and track goals, but the company is also offering users an incentive to achieve their goals:

 Is taking a trip to Hawaii on your wish list? How about seeing Beyonce and Jay Z in concert? Then you need to sign up for the new social network Voloe because they have dedicated $1 million in prizes to help users accomplish their goals and wishes. Voloe is also giving away weekly prizes, including tickets to popular concerts including Beyonce and Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and One Direction.2

We had a chance to speak with the Voloe team during TC Disrupt. We learned a bit more about the network, as well as some of the prizes they are giving away.

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