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Web Design: A Growth-Changing Skillset for Fledgling Entrepreneurs

Web Design: A Growth-Changing Skillset for Fledgling Entrepreneurs

Web Design is a blanket term for many skills, including the ability to conceptualize ideas, create plans of actions, understand core technology concepts, and the ability to work with graphical/interactive features to produce a Web experience unique for visitors.

When one begins scratching the itch of entrepreneurship in our modern times, an overwhelming amount of individuals will set their focus on the Web, as it provides unlimited access to business opportunities, resources, connections, and avenues to build and grow a successful venture.

At the core of it all should be a thorough understanding of web design concepts and best practices (even if one doesn’t decide to pursue the area as their main form of work).

Compare what is needed to start a new venture and you will see positive similarities (and the needed skillsets) that can be found through learning Web Design:

·  The future of commerce has already moved onto the Web and without an appropriate presence it becomes increasingly difficult to build a business/personal brand, move products, and connect with leaders in your market.

·  Learning the core concepts and best practices allow you to design the Website (and many other associated items from business cards to brochures) which creates synergy in the branding and this lends toward building trust and recognition.

·  Even basic skills are welcomed by employers if you have yet to make the complete leap to being your own boss; these skills can be refined while working for others and then mastered when you set out on your own.

·  The skillset will eventually change the way you think; you become analytical and tactic in the developmental process because it’s built on a strict foundation (code, design elements, etc).

From an entrepreneurial standpoint the benefits are overwhelming for those considering the leap into learning Web Design. Not only are will you understand the core concepts behind how websites operate but you will have the creative ability to build sites around business ideas. In business, as they say, it’s all about getting to the market in a rapid manner so by having Web Design skills you already have a foot forward in the race.

Other benefits that come along for the ride include:

·  The ability to tweak websites to improve conversions (thus increasing sales)

·  The likelihood that you explore marketing and promotional efforts to drive traffic

·  The connections and networking you will find throughout the growth period

Web Design, as mentioned, also opens the door to learn complimentary skills which can greatly expand your income sources; it may see you on a path to commercial design, videography, consulting, copywriting, photography, and more. Each of these complimentary skills built off learning Web Design bolster your resume, skillset, and ability to grow outside of the potential narrow niche you have chosen for your business or when working for others before making a switch.

The greatest part of Web Design is that it’s a skill that can be learned very rapidly if you put your mind and energy to it. A 16 or 19 month graphic design course at Platt College or another school will provide you with all the ample information, resources, books, and classes to master the skillset (with such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and, of course, HTML/CSS).

Consider the fact that an MBA, on average, takes two years. No doubt you will learn many business skills from finances to decision making but they are still skills that put you in the position to lead others. For someone itching to launch a business it’s clear that a tech-skill, obtainable in the same timeframe, sounds lucrative and vastly rewarding.

To recap:

·  Web (and Graphic) Design are the building blocks of developing websites and many other creative which all businesses need to compete in modern commerce.

·  The skills gained through the learning process & practices open new opportunities through complimentary skills & opportunities.

·  Rapid development of a business idea is crucial and by having those skills available it allows you to quickly reach the market so your efforts can be placed in vertical avenues for growth and profits.

·  The learning process, as a whole, is on a short timeframe making it perfect for those that want to bring something new to an existing job or venture out on their own.

What are your thoughts about Web and Graphic Design? Are you willing to develop these skillsets to open the doors of opportunity and scratch that entrepreneurial itch?