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Wiper: A new take on the self-destructing message

There has been a rise in self-destructing message apps lately. We just took a look at Rewind a few days ago. Anyhow, as we said in that Rewind article, most of these apps, Snapchat included, do the same exact thing. However, while the offer the same sort of functionality, they vary widely in how they go about the product. Rewind, for example, encourages users to include anything and everything, and keeps content for 24 hours, presenting a view of the last day. Well, during TechCrunch Disrupt NY, we had the chance to speak with a company that has a unique model for self destructing messages: Wiper.

wipe-landscape-1024x640 Wiper: A new take on the self-destructing message

Rather than setting a time limit for messages, Wiper employs a novel approach, taking them outside the box of self-destructing messages. Rather than blowing up, Wiper allows user to wipe away their messages from their own phone and the message receivers phone:

Just tap “Wipe” and your messages are erased instantly, everywhere. Wiper uses patent-pending technology to wipe all sides of a conversation—your phone and your friend’s, as well as any temporary record kept on Wiper servers. Other apps control how long your messages exist. With Wiper, you decide.1

We had a chance to speak with the Wiper team during TC Disrupt NY. We learned a bit more about the app, how it works, and the idea behind the platform: