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You Won’t Believe What These Guys Are Doing With Text Books [sxswedu]

UpcyclingTextbooks-header You Won't Believe What These Guys Are Doing With Text Books [sxswedu]We’re on the ground in Austin for SXSWedu and SXSW Interactive so chances are by reading that headline you’re thinking that somebody is doing something very interesting with technology and textbooks, and while we did see the guys from PackBack earlier today, that’s not the case right now.

In the SXSWedu Playground we were able to meet up with Craig Joiner and the guys from upcyclingtextbooks.org. We saw their stickers all over the place as we made our way around the Austin Convention Center and we had to see what they’re all about.

Joiner told us in an interview that they’re about doing whatever they can to not waste old textbooks. Whether that’s turning books into Origami, art, sculpture or even tree trimmings to help the environment, it’s all possible with the millions of pounds of textbooks that are now going unused thanks to technology.

LB-Banner-720x90 You Won't Believe What These Guys Are Doing With Text Books [sxswedu]Joiner tells us in the video interview that he was inspired to start upcyclingtexbooks.org after attending SXSWedu last year and hearing how useful technology has become in the classroom. He’s not an opponent of technology in the classroom by any stretch he just wants to make sure that all those textbooks are upcycled.

UpcyclingTexbooks.org encourages people to show off their innovative uses of old textbooks. Were they turned into furniture? Perhaps a life sized sculpture of a chimpanzee? Whatever you can imagine, you can probably make it with a used textbook. Go on over to their site and see for yourself at UpcyclingTextbooks.org